Friday, September 02, 2011

Visiting the traditional market in Porrua

One thing that Spain does very well indeed is the fiesta and the traditional markets. One recent find was the traditional market and fiesta in Porrua near Llanes about half an hour from home. We have been here nearly six years and only just discovered it.

One thing that Spain does not do very well is marketing. It is often after the event or the day before the event, that posters or publicity is available.

We had heard about the market from a friend in the village who has a butcher shop in town. She was having a stall at the market selling meat based snacks. Scheduled for the last weekend in August to catch the remaining holiday makers, we checked on the internet only to find several sites advertising a range of dates. The only thing for it was a trip to Porrua to make enquiries before the event.

Porrua is a large village nestled in the foothills of the Cuera mountain range. The village is a favourite for holiday makers as it is not far from the coast and it is close to some lovely walking areas. The market was the highlight of the fiesta with over 40 food and drink stalls selling everything from tortilla, chorizo, roasted BBQ ribs, cakes, cheese and of course, cider. There were over 40 craft and artisan stalls selling leather goods, pottery, puppets, hand made notebooks, toys, clothes, blankets, metal work made by a blacksmith doing a live demonstration, and much much more.

Luis took the opportunity to chat with ceramicists about making him a range of none-glazed coloured tiles that could be used in mosaic making. Needless to say he has a pocketful of contacts now and we will be visiting one or two of them to make arrangements for test pieces to be fired.

One of my favourite photographs from the day
Street entertainers, dancers, musicians and sideshows, donkey rides and the chance to travel on an ox and cart kept young and old alike, amused, distracted and delighted throughout the weekend of events and activities. If you are ever in Spain during fiesta time and get the opportunity to visit a traditional market, I can highly recommend it. Here is a short slide show of some of the highlights.


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  1. That looks amazing! Great photos too. You´re so right about the lack of advertising - I always have the sensation we´re missing wonderful events like this, even after looking for them.


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