Monday, April 18, 2011

The garden in Spring

The garden is looking really vibrant at the moment with sharp spring weather encouraging lush and healthy growth. We've lost a few plants over autumn and winter but replaced them where necessary with cuttings given by neighbours or with divisions we made in early spring.

Most of our blog posts are about the growing food side of life at La Pasera. We thought it was about time to celebrate the garden and take stock of where we are and where we are going to with regard to the future of the garden.

We use the garden a lot throughout the year and have tried to find a balance and sympathy to the local landscape.

It has developed slowly over the past 6 years and there is still lots of things to do. We need to pave the patio and steps leading down to it. We are also about to complete a  flight of pebble mosaic steps and small seating area now Luis has nearly finished the 40 mosaic slabs it needs in total. The driveway and front garden still require  attention but as we are doing all the work ourselves, it takes time, money and energy.

The wildlife aspect of the garden is important to us and where we can we encourage insects, amphibians and birds by creating areas that are attractive to them i.e. water, shade and shelter, food. A future project soon to be started I hope, is to build a small transportable hide for photography that can be used in the various areas of the garden. I will let you know how we get on with the design and construction - If anyone has any ideas or plans for such a hide, please get in  touch soon.

Wentworth and Gawber enjoying one of their many vantage points.


  1. The garden looks absolutley stunning in these shots, and the rest on more recent posts - I hope to make it up to see you all again one day!


  2. Cheers Ben, it would be good to see you all again soon as well. The garden is taking shape but still lots to do...

  3. Un abrazo de los tuyos para ti tambien, Epi. Gracias por tus palabras, sinceramente es un entorno precioso donde intentamos trabajar con la naturaleza que nos rodea la cual es una gran fuente de inspiracion y vitalidad.


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