Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Fence? Hedge? - Repairing the Fedge

When we first arrived at La Pasera, clearing the garden and setting up a decent working area was high on the list. We needed something to separate the working area from the rest of the garden that would be practical, look natural and if possible serve a function. Copied and adapted from something we'd seen back in Yorkshire at Worsborough Country Park, in Barnsley, using branches and twigs from coppiced and pruned trees, we formed a Fedge. A sort of cross between a fence and a hedge.

It has to be strengthened and posts replaced every couple of years but this small amount of maintenance is well worth it as it lives up to expectations in every way. The grass and wild flowers are left to scramble up it whilst the diversity of wildlife that has taken up residence  never ceases to delight us.

Toads, lizards, slow worms, stag horn beetles, woodlice, field mice and spiders live in natural balance alongside other insects and invertebrates. The insects pollinating the crops, the toads and the slow worms feeding on slugs, the slugs, snails and woodlice composting the vegetation, the birds feeding on insects and larvae, butterflies sipping the nectar from the wild flowers whilst all are occasionally challenged by a passing curious cat.

Slow Worm

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