Friday, February 11, 2011

Restoring Rush Chairs

Luis has just spent the past few weeks rushing a set of dining room chairs for a client who has a holiday home in Asturias. There were eight chairs in the set plus two others - a huge amount of work that has taken him about 150 hours. Drop-in seated chairs are much more difficult to handle and therefore take more time. In addition, we have had difficulties in sourcing rush which turned out to be of poorer quality than usual so he took a lot of time selecting and discarding material that wasn't up to standard. Using a combination of Spanish and Dutch rush to complete the chairs, they have turned out well and look great.

Our supplier in the UK has stopped importing rush and Spanish rush is also proving difficult to source. We know there are still commercial growers and suppliers in the Netherlands so we are busy making enquiries via our friend Marleen from El Paraiso del Burro who is originally from Holland and who still has many contacts there.

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