Friday, February 18, 2011

A painter's palette from the market

We recently visited Gijon's Sunday market. This is a sprawling and diverse market we sometimes like to visit, you can browse and buy a range of items including clothing, shoes, fruit and veg, plants, second hand items... If nothing else, you can think of the visit as a big theatre stage where you are both an actor and an observer.

On this particular occasion, Ian spotted this painter's palette covered in a rainbow of dry oil paints. Some time  ago we admired a similar palette in an antique shop and although very attractive, it was just too expensive. The price tag of the one in the market meant we could not leave it behind. Admiring the random way in which the colours were mixed by the painter can lead your imagination run wild and to think of a miriad of posibilities. It was a pleasant coincidence to have came across an article on the palettes used by different well known painters, click here  to view the full article or Click here if you wish to read the story Ian wrote in his writing blog, inspired by the palette.

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