Tuesday, January 25, 2011

News about the Donkeys

It is a while since we posted about El Paraiso del Burro the Donkey Sanctuary here in Asturias. Since our last post the Sanctuary has appointed a committee following the formation of an Association. Luis and I are involved in a small way but continue to help out when we can with publicity and developing the association. Marleen, the owner, has always wanted to put on open days where people can come along and meet the team and the donkeys, and tour the finca and beautiful setting.

A series of open days are now planned for the coming year. These are:
Time: 11.00 to 14.00

Sunday 6th February

Sunday 3rd April

Sunday 5th June

Sunday 3rd July

Sunday 7th August

Sunday 2nd October

Sunday 4th December

If you are in Asturias and want to come along, please contact Marleen via email or telephone:

marleen.verhoef @ hotmail.com

Tel: (00 34) 646.188.375

If you have time take a look at the other web resources for the Sanctuary:

http://donkeyparadise.wordpress.com/ - English language blog
http://paraisodelburro.blogspot.com/ - Spanish language blog
http://paraisodelburro.com/ - Dutch, Spanish and English Language web site
Facebook page
Facebook Group

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