Sunday, January 16, 2011

Ground Force - update 1

You may remember that sometime ago we helped John and Be to prepare a couple of new vegetable beds in a piece of land next to the Sella river. Well yesterday we all met up there to see how the newly planted veg was doing and to plant yet more.

The cooler weather has certainly helped to keep the weeds to a minimum so it didn't take too long to loosen the soil and remove the weeds that had started to take root. Most things had grown well. The cabbage was small but it was planted late and might not get enough growth in to form anything worthwhile. Needless to say John and Be were really pleased with their first harvest of salad leaves, baby leeks and spring onions.

Weed free veg....
The compost heap was turned, more lettuce planted and two fruit bushes planted, gooseberry and blackcurrant, kindly donated by Nigel. It'll not be too long before a third bed needs preparing and the whole plot strimming. Temperatures of 20-22 degrees this week and high humidity have meant ideal growing conditions for both veg and weeds. We rounded off the morning with a welcome cuppa from Sara and Bill...and some yummy flapjack type slice....

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