Friday, February 05, 2010

Walking in Asturias 2

There are so many beautiful places to visit in Asturias. Last week we ventured to the Xanas Gorge just south of Oviedo. This walk had been on our list of walks to do for ages so with a good weather forecast and an early start we set off. The walk is either linear or circular depending on which route you take. We opted for the circular walk. The walk starts near to the feeding station for the semi-wild bears Paca and Tola. The path climbs around the edge of the gorge with spectacular views of the mountains above and waterfalls below. We saw many vultures as the day got warmer and managed to spot this little beauty foraging in a wooded copse (photograph by J. Shackleton). 


  1. I was interested to see the photo of the squirrel it appears to be red, the ones we have around here are nearly black, yet you are not that far away.
    You seem to be growing the same things as we are or intend to, do you grow swede? it's the one thing I've had no success with, maybe I'm planting too early.

  2. Hi - thanks for the comment
    Yes, I know what you mean, the squirrels here in Toriello are a deep mahogany red and in the right light look almost black. This is the lightest one we've seen around here.
    Re the swede: we sow in August or there abouts, have sown later but don't seem to get the same results. We are still learning as most plants and veg grow very differently to where we were in the UK but saying that we have had some great results - especially now the soil is improving with all the manure and compost we dig in.


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