Saturday, February 27, 2010

Territorio Nomada

This week we visited a friend of ours who has opened a Mongolian settlement with over 20 themed Yurts here in Asturias that is nestled in a beautiful green valley near Arriondas. Begonia travelled through Mongolia some years ago and dreamed of returning to Spain and sharing her passion with school groups, tourists and locals alike. Each Yurt is themed i.e. histroy of Mongolia, food, religion, games room etc. They are such lovely structures and heavily decorated. The smell of inscence, sunshine glistening through the open roof and gentle winds rustling canvas it is easy to imagine yourself living life in a Yurt. The construction of a yurt is fascinating and there is even an opportunity to have a go at erecting the wooden frame that supports the felt, canvas and linings. Here are a few pictures and also a link to a couple of television interviews she gave about Territorio Nomada.

Youtube Part one.

Youtube Part two.


  1. What a lovely blog...beautiful photos!

    Thanks for the piece on the yurt village--wish I could visit. They are beautifully, tastefully decorated inside, and thank you for the YouTube links.

    All the best to all at Toriello,

    becky kemery
    Author of "YURTS: Living in the Round"
    YURTLADY facebook page

    P.S. If you can send me Begonia's mailing address, I'd love to send her a copy of my book.

  2. Thanks Becky - I have messaged you through your blog (which is really informative)Many thanks, Ian and Luis


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