Saturday, July 04, 2009

The flower garden

Gardening at La Pasera continues to be rewarding and a challenge, we are still getting used to the mild climatic conditions and the generally heavy soil. To grow plants that like these conditions we have tried to create a manageable garden rather than fight nature to grow plants that would struggle and take up more resources in terms of water, time and effort.
Amongst the plants, seedlings and seeds that we collected from our garden in Greenfoot Lane, some have adapted very well to the conditions here at La Pasera like the Acers and the Canary Islands lavender. Others like Love-in-a-mist need a strong hand as they self seed very freely and can become a weed - a beautiful weed. A few others we brought with us were lost to weather conditions and slugs or the snails.
The hardy geraniums and foxgloves have given us such a spectacular show this year. We have just cut the wild flower meadows that have been stunning this year with a variety of wild flowers including orchids that have been much appreciated by a variety of wild life.


  1. Hi there !

    For the first time in ages I've spent almost all day on the internet and finally had time to look through your blog properly. Great photos and good stories. It's really lovely !

    Irene x

  2. Your photos are stunning. I love the wild look of the design and the selection of flowers.


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