Saturday, July 25, 2009

A few surprises

I would like to tell you what has been happening while Ian is visiting friends and family.
To start, here in the north we have escaped the very hot temperatures that some other regions in the country have experienced, up to 43 C. Here the thermometers reached a much more comfortable 28 C with the occasional and cooling rainy day.
My sister Rita and Alfredo spent a few days at La Pasera taking some time out from their busy lives at work and in Barrios. They enjoyed the walk on the Toriello cliffs. The Photo shows Rita and Alfredo in the area locally known as "St Michael´s Bridge", an impressive part of our costal walk.
The vegetable plot continues to surprise us with how well everything is doing. The tomatoes start going red and the first cucumber that I picked yesterday was very juicy and tender. There is a glut of French beans and marrows at present and I think that I need to take the butter nut squash in hand as it has gone rampant, its flowers are very impressive. Some vegetables are producing a glut but it is nice to share some of the produce amongst our neighbours.
The wild life in the garden continues to increase in numbers and variety, some of the visitors are more welcomed that others. We recently had some wild boar in the bottom of the garden but one early morning this week I discovered that the boars had visited us again and although they have not entered the vegetable plot, they churned up a lot of turf in search of orchid and bluebell bulbs. Let us hope is the last we see of them.
On the warm Summers evenings, I have been watching the glow worms at the bottom of the garden, it is as if someone had dropped an LED. Unfortunatelly, they are difficult to photograph. I am pleased with their sighting as we have seen many glow worm beetles through the year.

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  1. What a mess wild boars make! How fortunate they didn't get into your veg plot! The biggest pest I have here at present are rabbits.


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