Saturday, September 27, 2008

The tomato trials

Luis here:
Earlier this Summer, we decided to grow various varieties of tomatoes to see which one performed better in the Asturian climate. The main problem with the climate when growing tomatoes is the high humidity levels and sea mist that result in the blight. We planted 4 different types, two named (royal chico and siletz) together with two generic types, one bought locally and the other bought in Castilla. Home grown tomatoes are really worth the effort because of the superior taste when compared with comercially grown ones that are as far removed from organic as they can be.
The results of the Asturian jury in terms of the tomato trials are as follows: all four varieties succumbed to the blight. It was the siletz variety that was slightly more resistant but it lacked taste and texture. Next year we shall try further varieties and hope to have a little more success. It is a good job that my sister Rita has a glut of toms with 130 plants, at least we got some supplies to make tomato sauce and pisto -a tomato based sauce made with peppers, marrow, pumpkin, onion, aubergine and garlic.
Other than the disappointing results from the tomatoes, the vegetable and fruit garden have produced an abundance of crops throughtout Summer and will continue to do so well into Winter. This week I sowed carrots, turnips and salad leaves. 
The weather remains very pleasant with days turning sunny and warm with plenty of sunshine but usually after early morning mist and heavy dew.

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