Saturday, September 13, 2008

Busy, Busy, Busy......

The past few weeks have been really busy with visitors Sue, Sam and Lucy May, harvesting, injuries, jobs around the plot and avoiding the summer madness in town. We had a good time when Sue et al came over for 5 days at the end of August. The weather was reasonable but a little too much seaweed to make swimming in the sea an option - although we did manage a knee deep paddle. Earlier storms had decorated the normally golden beaches, with deep red seaweed that formed meter high mounds - most unusual for the time of year.

Harvest time has arrived again with the vegetable garden producing many crops that all need processing and/or eating. We have been busy making Jam (from foraged blackberries and windfall apples), Chutney (various types) Piccalilli, Tomato Frito and Pisto (tomato, marrow, onion, pumpkin, aubergine and peppers). It is good to see the shelves full again and nice to know that we have supplies that will last us well into next year.

Luis went to his Sister's for a week and I stayed behind to l.ook after the cats and the garden. All went well until I took a walk along the camino with Indiana Jones and Lara Croft (you know who you are!!!). I slipped when pole vaulting a wall and badly sprained my ankle - oouch! Healing well and begining to weight bear. Asturias and town have been very busy and buzzing over August (the main holiday season here) and it is good to see it reverting to its quieter and tranquil hum. Luis will report on the tomato trials in a later post in the mean time a few photos for you include scenes from a local fiesta and street market.

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