Sunday, February 17, 2008

The weather continues to be warm and sunny throughout the day with cool evenings and early morning frosts. Spring flowers are coming though in abundance with swathes of Aconites, Primroses, Hepaticas, Hellebores and Violas. The vegetable beds are full of oats at the moment - this is used as a green manure and also helps to break-up the soil to minimise digging. We are still gathering cauliflowers, leeks, cabbage, sprouts and lettuce with early purple sprouting broccoli beginning to show. Needless to say the freezers are almost full and there is a growing range of produce to 'dip into' should we need to.

Wentworth and Gawber are venturing further afield and luckily with no more tree climbing adventures. Mice, voles and lizards are amongst their latest finds........Wentworth usually eats whatever he catches whereas Gawber plays with it then passes it on to Wentworth.
We have created a small 'Bog Garden' near the orchard and are planning to make a start on the patio area in the next few days. The fruit trees have been pruned and various beds have been tidied.

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