Friday, February 01, 2008

Bullocks and Hounds

The past two weeks have been really warm and sunny during the day with cooler evenings and the occasional short-lived shower. We have spent increasing amounts of time in the garden, preparing beds, tidying leaves and pruning fruit trees. Bullocks have been brought to the field at the far end of the garden - the kittens have made good friends with them and often share the same patch of grass. There is a downside though........the local farmer comes every 2-3 days to check on his herd, bringing with him two lively and large dogs. Twice this week we have had to rescue Wentworth from the top of trees, in absolute panic after being confronted with these two hounds. 30 foot up a cherry tree begging a kitten to come down is no joke especially when Gawber spots him and starts to climb the same darn tree. At one stage Luis and I were stood underneath the tree with a sheet held by the four corners shouting "come on Wentworth, Jump." Until we realised what idiots we were.......Ah the joys and responsibilities of pets!
Spent a couple of days walking the coast near Llannes and discovered some lovely new coves and beaches. Luis is away for a couple of days in Palencia region. He is demonstrating rush and cane seating at a large agricultural and craft show. I am kitten sitting and getting on with jobs around La Pasera. We have held the first two meetings to discuss the setting up of an Arts Association and ideas are coming thick and fast. We will keep you posted. Keep warm back in UK and don't forget to tell us your news........

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