Thursday, July 12, 2007


Found this little fella in the garden - disturbed by the haymaking we think. A young pine martin. Luis wanted to adopt it but it disappeared overnight and has not been seen since. Weather continues to be mixed but generally warm and pleasant with the occaisional overcast day. Harvesting loads from the veggie plot, just got a bumper lot of red and white new potatoes and enough salad to keep Tescos stocked.
We have decided to get two kittens from Luis' sister Rita. Luis has seen them and has already decided on which ones to bring home. A male and a female - both will have to have the snip or chop or whatever, otherwise two will become 22 in no time. A bit too young at the moment but probably ready to relocate at the beginning of August. We hope they will have some impact on the rato (a small but ugly mouse that makes tunnels in the veggie plot and eats things - not a friend of Luis).
More visitors planned for next week - busy painting garage/workshop, had a slight dispute with the builder but issues now resloved and a new door has been ordered.

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  1. Anonymous10:55 pm

    Hi Luis.
    Remember me, Janette Tomlinson from Vickers 18?
    How are you and Ian?
    Dawn Shev told me about this.
    She also says Hi.
    I'm still on Brearley 1.
    Still a Staff Nurse.
    Richard Kemp got G Grade and now got 2 kids.
    Dawn has had a baby boy, Owain. He's lovely.
    Weather here never stopped raining but I did go to Alcudia for 10 days.
    I'm writing this on my daughter, Adele's, email as I'm still computer illeterate.
    Lovely to see you. You're both looking well. Please reply to this e-mail (My daughters email)
    Love & best wishes,
    Janette. xx.


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