Sunday, June 24, 2007

Setas y Mercado

Had a busy few days - got confirmation that we can stand the market at Cangas de Onis every Sunday - demonstrating cane and rush seating) hope to sell a few on the side as well). Been to Palencia to collect a few chairs we had in storage at Rita's (Luis' Sister). Went mushroom hunting with Rita and found about 3 kilos of chanterelles and Marasmius....... eaten both and not dead yet!

We have had a few good walks - the Waterfall is along the Chestnut valley in Cabrales, a lovely lovely walks lined with ancient sweet chestnut trees. Garage still needs completion - door not up to standard so having that replaced. Busy collecting our own produce, lettuce, sugarsnap peas, spring onions, beetroot, carrots.........few visitors over the past couple of weeks, weather improving and the warmth returns. The house is filled with the aroma of our own sweet peas - a novelty here in Asturias.

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