Tuesday, June 16, 2015

1,600 Euros raised for Rosie and her stable mates.

This week we visited El Paraiso del Burro (The Donkey Paradise) in Arobes to hand over the total monies raised for the Caring for Rosie Challenge. It has been a wonderful three months with 50 people making donations and many more helping us to promote the cause and spread the word about the wonderful work Marleen and and the team of volunteers do at the sanctuary.

Through Go Fund Me, we sought sponsorship for Luis' three sporting challenges; mountain cycling, mountain walking and endurance cycling. We managed to raise a fantastic £1250 which after Go Fund Me fees translated into 1,600 Euros. The money will help to care for Rosie, her stable mates (24 other retired and abused donkeys), help to feed and shelter the volunteers and enable some maintenance work to be undertaken at the Sanctuary.

Rosie is doing well with her prosthetic hooves and daily leg massages and despite her walking problems she manages to wander around the lush verges and fields on a daily basis and live a happy and content life amongst other donkeys in paradise.

The sanctuary still needs your support and it would help if you would consider becoming a member of El Paraiso del Burro or sponsoring one of the donkeys, details of which can be found here: www.paraisodelburro.com Or maybe you fancy volunteering in this beautiful region of Spain? If you do, give us a shout.....

Thank you, your kind thought and generous acts were respectfully received.

Best wishes

Luis and Ian x


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