Thursday, February 19, 2015

A walk to the local nudist beach...

Following a couple of weeks of grim weather it was great to wake up to bright blue and clear skies and a golden sun that was going to rise high and begin to bring some warmth and much needed energy. Foregoing the pruning of the fruit trees we decided to take the morning off and head for our local nudist beach...

Just along the coast is the stunning beaches of Toranda and Torimbia. In the height of summer they do get busy but not packed however, at this time of year it is almost guaranteed they will be deserted. Torimbia is a popular family-focused nudist beach that can only be reached by foot along a track that winds its way down the hillside to a secluded beach bar and golden sands. The bay provides protection from the elements and the gentle sloping beach provides safe swimming for all ages.

Toranda is a beach in the next bay to Torimbia and although smaller and more exposed to the ocean, it is equally stunning. There is a small car-park near the beach down a rough track next to a never-completed, and now derelict) building - probably built without permits and prevented from being completed. This morning even the local police were enjoying their patrol and took their patrol car along the beach and parked up. Along the way we passed divers returning from their foraging for sea urchins and goose-foot barnacles which they will sell to the local restaurants.

There is a track along the headland that leads from the car-park in Toranda to the beach at Torimbia but sadly with the recent spate of torrential rain the track down to the beach has suffered a landslide and it is precarious to get down although another track has been trod which was relatively easy to navigate.

Now the big question is DID WE STRIP OFF? Maybe if you look close enough you might just spot us.... Click here to reveal all


  1. Hee hee spoil sport! You have some beautiful beaches and scenery there - great photos too. Actually the satellite view looks just like the coast in my part of Brittany, though it's nothing like your photos as we have no mountains! You are lucky having both. :-)

    1. Yes we really like Brittany and especially the coastal areas. Thanks.

  2. Anonymous9:50 pm

    lovely beaches :)

    1. There are lovely and so far, unspoilt.

  3. Anonymous10:32 pm

    the wife and I went to Vega beach, coming down from the LLanes road, via the car park.
    anyway close to the bottom various bodies had stripped off.
    unused to the view, cold climate beaches, she lost her footing, crashed on her back side and broke her wrist as well.
    so much for nudism.
    cheers Josey


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