Thursday, January 22, 2015

A new log burner for the workshop

The workshop (The Towers) is an important space for us.

The old fire

Amongst its many functions, it plays host to Luis' studio, a store room, a workshop to make and mend, a space for exercising in cooler weather and last but by no means least, a home for Wentworth and Gawber. When we had it built we designed it so it could, if necessary, be easily converted into self-contained accommodation. With the mezzanine floor it has approximately 75 sq m of floor space and a very high ceiling. We initially installed a cheap and cheerful wood burner that has served us well but that has always caused a few problems, the main ones it being a top loader and it's small capacity. We decided this year to upgrade the fire to one that gives out more heat and is easier to maintain.

The fitting was easy as there is no internal chimney so a flue was able to be taken directly up through the roof to an existing external chimney and sealed with fire retardant rock wool and a steel plate. We are really pleased with how it draws air in, the efficiency of burning and the heat it produces. It will certainly make activities in the workshop much more comfortable during the winter months and cool autumn and spring evenings. Needless to say, Wentworth and Gawber have adapted very quickly as in addition to the extra heat, they have a warm, golden glow to accompany them in their catnaps.

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  1. Anonymous1:20 pm

    looks good - and room for a little kettle too


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