Saturday, November 15, 2014

A clifftop walk

Tomason Cliffs near our village (Toriello) looking westwards.

I have always been attracted by the sea with its changing moods, sounds, colours, smells and the way in which it reflects light under different conditions. If in addition to all of that you add the stunning ragged limestone cliffs we get on the stretch of the Asturian coast near La Pasera,you could easily understand how little it takes for me to forget all I am doing and simply go for a walk along the cliffs. This is what I did this afternoon, I simply could not resist taking this walk knowing there was a storm coming towards Spain and causing rough seas.

I personally love this walk and every time I do it I notice something different along the ragged but stunning limestone cliffs that make me stop to admire the views or be captivated by the way the waves crash against the rocks.

Walking along the cliffs, the sea in never silent and I have come to view the sea in this part of the Bay of Biscay as a friend that accompanies me on a walk and whose constant voice I never tire of; a friend whose voice at times is soft and gentle while others it is powerful and loud.

Halfway along this walk, I never fail to be impressed by a small rock island that stands like a solitary witness; where a local rock climber can occasionally be seen defying gravity; one of its faces is rather smooth and makes a nice challenge for those who enjoy this popular sport here in Asturias. I can only imagine the adrenaline rush.

Within a short distance further East, I came by an area known by local fishermen as St. Michael's Bridge. Other than the occasional fisherman precariously hanging at the edge of the cliffs with a fishing rod it is unusual to meet others along this path. The rough seas are a good time for them to come out fishing, it is very rare to come across other people along the path. The sense of solitude and tranquility along this walk is something I find to be very inspiring.

St. Michael's Bridge
St.Michael's Bridge is one of the most beautiful areas within this walk and close to the picnic area known as Castro Arenas at the mouth of the Guadamia river estuary where the clifftop walk ends. From Castro Arenas the views both towards the West and East are simply stunning and the drama as the waves crash against the cliffs and reach all the way over the clifftop is something that I always find captivating and never fails to impress me.

Depending of the tide, at this time of the year, the blowholes that dot the coastline in this part of the Asturian coast are a natural phenomenon worthwhile seeing and Castro Arenas without doubt is the best place to enjoy this spectacle. On this particular day, the blowholes were just starting to work and as the tide comes it forces air and sea water that comes out through the blowholes as a water vapour geyser.

There is an Asturian word that refers to this phenomenon: "bromaduriu" a beautiful sounding word for a beautiful and impressive show that nature graces us with. I hope you one day have a chance to visit this beautiful part of the Asturian coast and enjoy this fantastic walk.

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  1. Excellent pictures, I love this walk, the Bay of Biscay on one side, mountains on the other. Incredible.


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