Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Dragonflies and damselflies in the garden

Throughout summer and early autumn here at La Pasera we are witness to the finely tuned aerobatic skills of dragonflies and damselflies are they navigate the garden, ponds and plants. Each year they lay their newly fertilised eggs on pond plants or directly into the water where they develop into nymphs.

Most damselflies complete their life cycle in one year: egg, nymph, damselfly where as dragonflies can take up to 5 years depending on the climate, conditions and species. There are over 100 species in Europe and over 5000 worldwide.

As they emerge from the water in their nymph stage, they cling to nearby grasses and twigs, they dry out and break out of their distinctive nymph skins, spread their wings and take flight. 

Damselflies are weaker fliers and always lay their wings to the sides of their body when resting whereas the dragonfly keeps its wings open. The dragonflies tend to be much more inquisitive, often flying very near to you, hovering just in front of you and taking evasive action if you move. They also try this with the cats who are frequently tormented by the buzzing of their wings and close proximity.   

Here are a few photographs of visiting dragonflies and damselflies taken over the past few years...


  1. We have those blue ones. Very striking. I´m curious - do you have fireflies? One of my favorite things are summer evenings with the gentle flashing. Magical.

    Lovely pics, as always!

    1. No fireflies here Coco, the only thing that glows in the dark around here are Glow worms...

  2. Fantastic photos as ever.

    1. Thank you Anne - you can't go far wrong when you have such beautiful subject matter.


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