Sunday, August 10, 2014

Weekend Photo Blog

We take many more photographs than we use for the various blogs and sites we maintain so every now and then it is good to go through and pick out some photographs just for the sheer pleasure of it. Not that they are particularly technically good photographs but because they invoke a feeling and trigger many memories when we look back at them.

I have been thinking about the old black and white and, early colour photographs from years gone by. Each one tells a story of past times, triggering memories you haven't thought about for a long while and, connects you and defines your place in the world. It is important we keep those reference points and tell those stories to the up and coming generations, something I think is particularly important in this digital, but increasingly disconnected age.

Photographs have the ability to trigger other senses, stimulate creativity and affect our feelings. These are some of our favourites from the past week:

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