Friday, July 05, 2013

Making dolmades from local vine leaves

One of the great benefits that come from blogging are the friends you make along the way and the many things you can learn from each other. One such blog friend is Andrea at Casalinho in Portugal. Andrea and Jeroen run several permaculture courses each year and take volunteers from all over the world to help and to gain experience on their 10 hectare plot.

Recently one of their volunteers made Dolamades for everyone and they looked so good we decided to have a go. We used Nicola's recipe and fine-tuned the ingredients to suit our taste.

The first challenge was to source vine leaves. Asturias isn't known for grapes but we were sure we'd seen vines growing locally when out on one of our walks. Sure enough, a walk around the villages and we found a whole load of them trailing over a disused wall and plot. Being late in the season we collected the medium sized ones so they would be less tough and used the following recipe:

Dolmades by Nicola

We cooked ours in the pressure cooker for about 15 minutes then in the oven with some home-made tomato sauce - Served with a few black olives, they were absolutely delicious and we will certainly be looking to make more next year but perhaps earlier in the season.

Don't forget to check out Andrea and Jeroen's blog, courses and site: Casalinho


  1. Fabulous to see that someone reads our blog other than my Mum! Seriously, it does make all the scribbling worthwhile to hear that someone has found something to spark their interest. I'm glad you enjoyed your dolmades :)

    1. They were lovely Andrea. Definitely make more next year.


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