Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Enchanted Path - Walking in Asturias

In a green luscious valley not too far from La Pasera is a magical, enchanted path. In the tiny village of Puente Nueva, a hollow wooden tree full of climbing Imps marks the start of the walk. If you are very, very lucky and start the walk early, you will be greeted by Chisin the fox terrier. After having sussed you out, Chisin will, or will not accompany you on your circular walk around the enchanted path.

The fox terrier is one of several village dogs that have discovered the delights of visitors wishing to explore their beautiful valley. Although we have walked the path several times before and once before with Chisin, today he also decided to enjoy our company.

The walk climbs the valley side, twisting and turning on woodland paths and country tracks. Along the way there is a series of beautifully crafted carved wooded statues that represent the mythology of Asturias, each having a story to tell or a secret to hide. Passing through sleepy villages and rustic farmsteads, the enchanted walk provides lots of opportunities to enjoy the views of rolling hills and luscious meadows.

As we descended along an ancient roman road towards lower lying villages we were somewhat baffled when we were joined by another Fox Terrier who also decided to join our party. We later learnt her name was Guindilla (Red hot chilli pepper).

Arriving at Rio Caliente we picked a perfect spot next to the river for our picnic lunch. Chisin and Guindilla wandered off or a few brief moments to check out a few other walkers they spotted in the distance before settling down next to us on the river bank. I wonder if the aroma of tortilla and home-baked bread had anything to do with their decision to stay?

Having shared our meal we set off along the quiet country lanes back the the car. Chisin led the way whilst Guindilla meandered off in another direction, probably back to her pick up point for more walkers. We arrived back at the car and said goodbye to Chisin and thanked him for his company, his dignified companionship truly did make the path enchanted. The walk is about 10km and we hear that Chisin may do the walk several times a day.



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