Wednesday, April 11, 2012

White Nancy, Bollington, Cheshire - new mosaic

This mosaic was commissioned by a Bollington resident, Bollington, Cheshire, being the home of the White Nancy. Luis took the inspiration from a black and white photograph taken in winter. The Photographer was consulted and the subsequent mosaic took shape. Needless to say the recipient is thrilled with the result. The original photograph can be found here:   White Nancy  (Luis chose to leave out the graffiti).

More information about White Nancy can be found here:
"White Nancy was actually built as a summer house by the Gaskell family, who lived below the hill at Ingersley Hall, in about 1815. It is stone built with external rendering and regularly painted white in order to maintain its visibility. It is thought that it may have been built at that time to commemorate the battle of Waterloo. Internally there is a seat all round the wall with a large table in the centre. The table is circular, cut from a single piece of stone."  ( )


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