Friday, January 13, 2012

What a difference a day makes

Our nearest sandy cove is Gaudamia at Llames de Pria, about 30 minutes stroll from our house through country lanes or 45 minutes if you take the cliff side walk from our village, Toriello. The small secluded beach is at the end of a long tidal channel that leads to the estuary of the Gaudamia river. You can just about see it in the distance on the first photograph.

The weather is very changeable at this time of year in Asturias and we can go from cool storms and wild windy weather to glorious warm sunny days overnight. High tides combined with strong winds can facilitate a spectacular display of the force of nature.

The limestone cliffs along this part of eastern Asturias are peppered with blow holes or as they are known here: Bufones. When high tides are present the bufones start to breathe. A loud roar is heard as air is forced through fissures in the rocks. As the tide rises, sea water is forced into the fissures and is expulsed at great force causing 100m high plumes of water droplets into the sky. Numerous bufones can be seen as the tide relentlessly rises and falls.

The cliffs are about 60 meters high and provide terrific views and coastal walks. The day after the storms, the cliffs and cove were once again calm and bathed in warm winter sunshine. The fishermen return and perch on the cliff tops and cast their rods into the sea below. If you look carefully below you can see two fishermen enjoying their vantage point and hoping for a good harvest.

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