Thursday, December 15, 2011

The history of Ribadesella 1/6

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This series of blog posts will feature the beautifully crafted tile murals that decorate the promenade at the mouth of the harbour in Ribadesella. The murals are about 3 meters long by 1 meter high and are attached at eye level along the promenade wall. They were created from original artwork by the famous Spanish humorist and caricaturist Antonio Mingote.    

Six panels in total feature aspects of life and culture in and around Ribadesella from pre-history to present day.

This first panel La Prehistoria celebrates (with tongue firmly in cheek) the prehistory past times and culture of Ribadesella's first inhabitants. Hunting, the first tourists, a race in canoes down the river Sella, cave dwellings, good food, the artist and his critic. Amusingly, these are also the main past times in modern day Ribadesella. Tourists come here for traditional, good quality food based on meat and fish. The Tito Bustillo cave network on the edge of town is a world famous visitor attraction with its 30,000 year history, 14,000 year old cave art and dwellings. The canoes are of great significance to the economy of the town with canoeing the river Sella being one of the main tourist attractions for all generations. In addition, we have the annual International Descent of the River Sella which has been going for over 75 years and brings in thousands of visitors for the first weekend in August. Bookmark or subscribe to see the next five panels in the series.

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