Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A day at the Rastrillo

For the past few years we have hosted a stall at the annual Rastrillo in the village of Nueva a few kilometers from home. The market is organised by a small committee who raise funds for Doctors without Borders. It takes place on the main street and is very much a mixed bag of stalls and people but never-the-less very enjoyable. We each pay a few Euros per meter of space which is donated to the the charity.

Sara and Maria Esther

Each year we have used the stall to demonstrate chair restoration i.e. cane work and rush seating. Luis usually demonstrates rush and I, the cane. This year Luis' sister Maria Esther wanted to join us to sell her handmade brooches and key rings. Made of felt, leather, beads and other bits and bobs, they are really popular here in Spain at the moment. Her reproductions of animals, symbols, sweets and a host of other designs are really attractive and extremely well made and thought out. With the economy subdued this year we decided to only demonstrate cane seating and not rush, thereby releasing me for the day....only to be on catering duty for the 6 or so relatives and friends who needed feeding.

There were about 25 stalls selling: second hand games and toys, clothing, wooden garden furniture, antiques and bric-a-brac, fair trade chocolate, sweets and coffee, painted roof tiles and chairs of course. All in all considering less people and a bit of a drizzly overcast day, they did really well with Luis selling three cane-seated chairs and taking orders for restoration of others and Maria Esther selling about 60 brooches and key rings.

Meanwhile, back at home a feast was being prepared...

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  1. good sales!
    In troubled times, bright things lift the spirits.


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