Sunday, June 26, 2011

Making hay whilst the sun shines and gathering winter fuel

It's been a funny old couple of weeks, making hay whilst the sun shines and gathering winter fuel. The warm weather has brought with it the need to cut the long grasses and wild flower areas we let grow in various areas in and around La Pasera. It is ideal time for the seed heads to dry naturally and shed their load onto the ground ready for next year. The grasses and plants will be allowed to dry for a few days, then gathered and used as brown material in the compost heaps. The islands and areas will regenerate in the next few weeks and give a second flower and grass crop for the bees and insects to feast from, way into autumn.

The large amount of pruning material from the fruit and nut trees have been processed for kindling and the wood store has been replenished ensuring plenty of dry burning wood for the wood burners. Two unexpected sources of wood came about this past fortnight, the first from a man in the village who is clearing some of his woodland to subsidise his income now he is unemployed and secondly from a plot opposite La Pasera where the owner has sold off his mature eucalyptus trees to a local company. As they were felling them we negotiated a price for two large (20M) trees - they felled them and we processed them.

In retrospect, the second lot of wood wasn't a good deal as taking into account the amount of fire wood it has generated plus all the effort of processing and splitting it combined with the time taken, it would have be cheaper to buy it from them once they had done all the work! You live and learn... Eucalyptus is tough wood and heavy. At least we have a well stocked wood store that should keep us going for the next winter and beyond.


  1. It must be a good feeling to have your winter fuel safely stored away and to be looking forward to another display of flowers in your meadow areas. Processing and carting the eucalyptus may not have been cost effective, but it must have give you a great workout with no gym fees!

  2. Just found your blog and love it! Got a question though, we have moved to western Astruias a couple of months ago and although we live up a mountain we don't know where we get wood from and nobody seems to want to tell us?! Any ideas?

  3. Hi Jane - email me on and I'll let you have some contact numbers. Where abouts are you?


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