Monday, December 27, 2010

Gathering winter fuel

Our main source of heating is wood-burning stoves, as well as in the house we have a small wood-burner in the workshop that we use when working on mosaics or other projects. We have a central heating system that uses diesel but our main preference is for a great log fire. We usually buy wood for merchants who source, fell, split and cut wood for sale to the general public but it isn't particularly cheap here in Asturias so whenever we get the opportunity to get free wood we jump at the chance as it makes sense financially and environmentally.

Luis is very good at identifying wood cleared from common ground or fallen trees that no-one is claiming or processing. He had his eye on this lot for a few months now - a supply of logs from a Cherry tree that was felled on common land near to the railway line. Permission is always sought. After an hour with the chainsaw and axe we can replenish our stock with graded wood for the house and workshop. We have a large wood store that is partially protected from the weather - currently full but more than half of our supply isn't dry enough and is still too green to burn. With this additional load of free Cherry wood we should manage.

Gathering winter fuel
It is good to keep a good level of dry stock for burning when we need it, this winter is particularly cold and we soon get through a fair amount of wood. In March we will buy further supplies so that it is dry and ready for next autumn/winter.

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