Sunday, September 26, 2010

Walking in Asturias 6 - Vizcares Peak

As you all know, walking is one of our pastimes and while in Asturias we have had the opportunity to do some fabulous walks along the coastal plains, across the valleys and up the mountains. The series of blogs entitled "Walking in Asturias" will continue presenting you some of the walks that we enjoy in Asturias, both within the impressive mountains of the Picos National Park and other mountain areas as well as on the beautiful coastline and the green valleys .

The Vizcares is one of the many peaks you can do within the Ponga mountain area in the municipal district of Pilo├▒a about 35 minutes drive from home.

To walk up toVizcares peak (1420 m high) with La Pasera as your base, we need to drive to the town of Infiesto where we take  a small road running along the river that shares its name with the pretty small village of Espinaredo where you can enjoy several good examples of Asturian architecture including houses, farms, stables and "horreos"- wooden granaries on four or more stone or wooden pillars. Once you have crossed the village, the road takes you up to the picnic area of La Pesanca, a good spot for a picnic by the river where you will be shaded by the numerous sweet chestnut trees and be able to appreciate some of the local flora and fauna. There are four types of Asturian wild daffodil and the photo shows one of them.

After you leave the car at La Pesanca, a concrete path soon leads up into the hills and through wooded areas. You soon start gaining altitude and after a while you reach some mountain meadows where the flora can be spectacular in early Spring with lots of alpine plants. The views of the surrounding limestone mountain are spectacular.

On the way up to the peak a small woodland, mainly wild holly, provides you with some shade where you can take a rest before you start the last stretch of the climb. As you start climbing the peak itself, you can appreciate the beautiful rock formations carved by the elements and carpeted by wonderful mosses, lichens and alpine plants. I recall the intensity of the different tones of green present in the moss and lichen. I can easily get distracted by such natural display and beauty!

Once you have crowned the Vizcares, you can enjoy the magnificent views across the impressive Ponga mountains and the majestic Picos mountains.

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