Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Summer Honey

The events of the past few days seem to have faded into the distance with life getting back to normal and the big clean up in full force. Blue skies and brilliant sunshine certainly help and people are busy getting their lives and businesses back to 'normality' ready for the onslaught of summer tourists.

The Bees are busy around the garden collecting pollen and our own minds turn to our annual order for honey. We source our honey from a collection of hives owned and managed by a vet who lives close to Luis' village in Palencia. The honey is set and has a rich and rounded taste. We normally substitute sugar for honey in drinks and cooking and as a consequence we get through a lot. This week we will contact our supplier and order 70kgs of honey... Not all of it is for us! We also buy on behalf of friends and family. Last year the honey was €4,50c per kilo which is a very good price for unadulterated honey.

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