Friday, May 07, 2010

Spring showers

Lately we are experiencing typical Spring, and variable weather with some hot and sunny days to contrast with others when we experience a drop in temperatures and some rain.
Today was one of the warm and cloudy days with passing light showers. I decided to have and afternoon walk. Armed with an umbrella, I made my way to the coast to sit for a while in my favourite spot on the cliffs. It is a while since I last was there - it was was very relaxing and peaceful to sit at the edge of the cliffs with such wonderful views, the sound of the crashing waves below me and no other soul around other than a small flock of sheep grazing nearby . As always, the views of the coast are very impressive from this vantage point and as you can appreciate from the following photographs the wild flowers and lichens on the limestone cliffs are wonderful at this time of the year.


  1. Hola, I'm delighted to find your blog as you are living the life I hope to have some day! My husband is from Avil├ęs, I'm from the US, but we live in China right now. We lived in Asturias for a year in 2001 and return every August to visit our family. One day we hope to buy a little country house and live sustainably as you do. I love the photos; they are so inspiring! Cheers!

  2. Hi Heather GG
    Great to hear from you. Wow, China, very different from Aviles I suspect. Really pleased you like the blog....and Asturias. Keep in touch.


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