Sunday, April 04, 2010

Easter Bunnies ... ?

Once again the Easter break in Spain has brought increasing numbers of visitors into the area. When the crowds come, you remember that there are others who appreciate and enjoy the beautiful countryside, stunning coastline and impressive mountain ranges that the Asturias has to offer.

Although the weather has been variable, we have experienced, between showers, enough warm sunny periods to be able to enjoy the outdoors with several walks that we have done starting from home and further afield.

This morning, we have visited the beach of Gulpiyuri, declared a natural monument. Gulpiyuri is often described as the "beach without a sea" and was formed when the ceiling of a large cave carved by the sea, collapsed leaving behind a big depression in the ground. In essence this is a sandy cove, surrounded entirely by rocks with no outlook to the sea. There is a short tunnel for the sea water to come in and out with the rise and fall of the tides.

This morning, we coincided with low tide and it was such a treat to see the sea water rushing through the rock tunnel to eventually fill most of the area and cover most of the sand. On the way back. we also visited the stunning beach of Torimbia, and in my opinion the most beautiful one in Asturias. I enjoyed sharing these two favourite places of mine with Tanya, Carla and Astrid who at present are working as volunteers at the donkey sanctuary. I hope that you all are having a nice Easter.

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