Saturday, March 13, 2010

Wentworth and Gawber

Those of you who follow our blog will know that it is over two years since we brought home our two cats, Wentworth and Gawber, in an attempt to reduce the numbers of a rodent locally knowns as a "rato" in our garden. They both are very good hunters and spend most of the time outdoors other than when the weather is bad. Although they live in the workshop, we enjoy their company while working or sitting in the garden; they regularly join us in the house during the evenings. As you know, cats are creatures who enjoy their comforts and our two are no different. They love to come indoors when it is cold or wet outside and we have a fire blazing away. As you can see from the photos, they both love to catnap and dream of ratos whilst listening to classical or chillout music. Although Wentworth likes a touch of Black-eyed Peas now and again. Purrfect.

We have been trying out new foods with them in the hope we can reduce the commercially bought cat food. Most of the cat food available commercially is either ecologically unfriendly i.e. unsustainable fishing industry or it is nutritionally poor. Sadly, up to now the options we have tried and substituted for their regular meals have been sniffed at and in the main left. Anyone out there with suggestions please get in touch. Someone suggested roadkill but there are limits...

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  1. I must say they are really big cats


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