Friday, December 04, 2009

A rainy day at La Pasera

The rain in Spain falls mainly.... Well, let me tell you that at times it seems that it should be: "the rain in Spain falls mainly in Asturias" That came to my mind this afternoon when I decided to go for a cycle ride in the rain. It had been raining all day and I wanted a change from mosaic making and chair caning. When I first set off, it looked as if the rain would stop and I thought that if it continued it would be nice to cycle in the warm rain. At the end it rained almost all the way. Todays route took me up some villages off the beaten track and to a small mountain. I would not like to guess how high but it was a smallish mountain to get me started on my training regime before I have a go at cycling up to the lakes that you find in the heart of the Picos National Park. It appears that the cycling route up to the lakes is the toughest in the cycling tour of Spain (La Vuelta ciclista) and I have decided to do it this month after Ian returns from his latest visit to the UK. Ian will provide my with an easier alternative way of going up as he will follow me with the car. In total, the route is about 20 K climbing nearly 3000 feet with an average 6'87% inclination and the greatest incline is at the site known as "La Huesera" (place of bones), 800 m between 12 and 15% ascent. Wish me good luck. If I succeed I will let you know when I do it. Needless to say how much I enjoyed a hot shower when I got back.
In spite of the rain and dripping with rain, I could not resist stopping at Saint Antolin´s beach on the way back to admire the views on a day when the sea was very rough. The photo shows the beach I am talking about on a sunny day.

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