Friday, April 24, 2009

Parts of the picture...

Spring is very much here with warm sunny days, cool early morning mists and low cloud on an evening. We have been on several walks in the Picos and surrounding areas, taking full advantage of the weather. The cats are both well now with Wentworth having the few 'off' days when he has been in a fight or is in need of deworming! Gawber is very solitary but is more affectionate either in the openness of the garden or within the security of the house.

Luis is as busy as ever with his crafts and tending to the vegetable garden. We have decided to try and market his mosaics in much the same way as we did with the cane and rush seating: to specialists - in this case garden designers, gardening companies and garden centres; to individuals through various public markets and fairs. The house-name plaques and pebble mosaic paving will be the main focus to begin with. We think that there will be a few interested people out there so we will give it a go and see. He really has developed his artistic flare and understanding of the materials and had become technically competent over the last few months. We will set up another blog/site in Spanish to promote the mosaics and the chair seating. Watch this space.
The last picture is of some planters we made from left over concrete. They have just has a coating of yoghurt to encourage lichen and moss. I think they look rather good.

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