Sunday, March 01, 2009

Shrove Tuesday and Springtime

Luis here: I hope that you liked your pancakes this year, I certainly enjoyed mine with cinnamon, lemon and treacle. Life at La Pasera is allowing us to enjoy some early spring sunshine that has brought into blossom the daffodils, primulas, hepaticas, aconites, daisies, dandelions, crocus and the beginning of spring growth for the orchids. The scent of the violas is a nice reward whilst digging the vegetable plot, planting the potatoes or seeding different vegetables. 
The last few days we have enjoyed some cold mornings and evenings but the mid-day sunshine has been very pleasant and such a change to the wet period we have just had. Sometimes the locals are right in their weather predictions - The Temporas - we have just experienced a great end of month (February) as they predicted. The Temporas are said to predict the weather forecast over a three month period. You need to observe the weather patterns on specific days of a given month, always on a Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, the weather of the first Wednesday will reflect the predicted weather for the first following month. The Friday weather reflects the second month and the Saturday, the third month. Three days approaching in March will be observed carefully as it is the Temporas with the corresponding weather prediction for the next quarter year. I find this a very curious and amusing tradition however, it serves as a very useful topic of local chit-chat. Some of you may be doubtful that such a ritual is based on any logic or common sense. Spookily it can both be accurate and widely off the mark. I will be comparing notes with Luis of local farmer.
Red Sky at night...

Divining for water with Friends at their Yurt

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