Thursday, December 11, 2008

Winter beckons......

Winter beckons: wild and windy weather, hail and rain, cold and damp. The garden is wet with leaves collecting in borders and in hedges: awaiting gathering to add to our leaf mould. The woodburner beckons around mid-afternoon and provides some welcome warmth and comfort. Snow has hit the nearby mountains which glow bright in the rare glimpse of midday sun. Luis has returned from a week away in Barrios de la Vega at his family home (processing piggies). Laden up as usual with fruit, vegetables various cuts of meat and collection of metal rods to build plant frames to prevent our citrus from strong winds and salty sea mists. 

With lots of winter vegetables in the garden it is an ideal time to make substantial vegetable based soups, broths and casseroles - home made bread - a glass of wine......perfect. The cats spend more time indoors but soon get restless and venture out to hunt and stalk. Walks out have been shorter and less frequent. We have identified a good source of mistletoe to collect nearer Christmas  - it grows in abundance here on old apple trees. Although parasitic, we will attempt to introduce it to one of our older trees in the hope it will colonise and grow. 

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