Monday, December 03, 2007

Winter Beckons.......

Winter is well on its way now with gathering winds, cooler temperatures and a general slowing down of growth. The last few days have brought strong winds and extremely turbulent seas. The cliffs at Guadamia are brilliant at this time of year with impressive jets of spray being forced through limestone blowholes - sometimes reachin 100 meters into the air. We have been busy painting the garage/workshop, making large batches of membrillo (fruit jelly) from quince and apples, helping to make (and drink) cider, clearing leaves from the garden and going for brisk and sometimes bracing walks along the cliffs.

Luis is due to leave for a few days to assist with the Matanza (slaughtering of the pigs) at his sister's. Needless to say I will not be going. Not that he enjoys it, goes to help as it takes three days to process all the meat into black pudding, hams, joints of pork, chorizo, salami and fat for soap making.

The kittens are venturing further each day and growing in confidence. You may remember we acquired them to help control the rato (small rodent similar to a mouse) that seems to think that the vegetable plot is his own personal hypermarket. The kittens, taking notice of this are sharpening their hunting instincts and their claws, already successfully catching an array of creatures great and small. 

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