Monday, October 08, 2007

Harvest Time

The vegetable plot has been producing masses of produce over the summer and the new chest freezer is almost full. Together with lots of veg grown by Luis' sister, we have been hard at work bottling, preserving and processing. We have enough picallili, green tomato chutney, jam and pisto sauce to last well into next year. Later crops such as aubergines and peppers are suffering from the occaisional sea mist that comes in at times during the day. Out early picking mushrooms which are eaten on the same day, sauted in olive oil and filled with a variety of fillings......Mmmmmm!
We had a nice day with Luis' sister, her daughter, another niece and her boyfriend, first time they have visited La Pasera. The Walnut harvest has begun with fewer than last year and hardly any hazelnuts at all. The chestnuts are soon ready to drop as the late summer / autumn winds start to gather pace.

Wentworth and Gawber are growing fast and gaining confidence and agility day by day. Next Monday will see them at the vets once more for their final injection before being released to wreak havoc on La Pasera. For those of you with a faster connection here is a short, gratuitous video of them playing in the sunny doorway of the garage......awwwwe.

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