Thursday, September 21, 2006

General update contd.....

Whoopee, ADSL connection at home.....what a treat. No more crawling to the receptionist in the cyber room in the hope that she allows you onto one of only two PCs that worked, or hoping that the one you were allocated had the correct resolution.......anyway, hopefully no more visits there then. Back home in Toriello and enjoying late summer with an abundant harvest and lots of jam making and pickling (over 80 jars), collecting hazlenuts and walnuts (over 4 kilos) and eating local fruit. Luis is working for a couple who are buying a house, acting as translator and interpreting when necessary, also has had two commissions to recane/rush chairs. We have had various visitors and had a really good time showing them our new life and surroundings, looking forward to more at the end of this month and at the beginning of October. As for my Spanish.....bien, what can I say......con tiempo. Here are a couple of photos that have been impossible to upload until now. Sue and the children on their recent visit and the local fiesta with the men from the village in traditional costume carrying the Ramu (bread) that will be auctioned to raise funds.

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